Bunnies, Bambi’s and Owls, Oh My!

T here are lots of wonderful reasons to live in the Shelter Bay neighborhood of La Conner…the marina, the water, the golf course, the terrific people…but an extra special reason is the variety of wildlife that also call Shelter Bay home.

Granted, they often chew up my garden-chomping off tomato branches and blossoms before I have tomatoes, and nibbling the leaves off even my favorite Hostas. And I curse them under my breath as I see the newest damage. But even with those small indiscretions, they have my loyal friendship.

I love watching the bunnies hop along my back fence and the deer quietly move through the yard as the sun sets. In the wee hours of the morning, when the owl in my neighbor’s tree hoots softly to his owl friends, instead of being angry that I’m awake I enjoy the serenade.

Often, on my way home, I spot a doe, and what I think must be a yearling, wandering across a yard or along the street…off in search of some new delectable treat from some garden or another. And I think to myself: What a treat to live here. It’s an absolutely beautiful setting, and I love my community and my neighbors. And who cares if I’m short a few tomatoes. Well, okay, I care. But I’ll gladly share them with my wildlife friends. They need to eat their fruits and veggies too.