Obama Launches Housing Plan

I f you are in danger of foreclosure go to this website now and check out the options that may be available to you. You can check to see if you qualify for either a modification of your current loan, or a refinance which previously you may not have qualified for due to either loss of income, or loss of value in your home. Banks are just now getting this information, so they may not be ready for your inquiry once you’ve found that you may qualify – but try to get yourself at the head of the line rather than wait for the Banks to catch up.  Remember, that when dealing with foreclosure and credit issues, contact the creditor sooner rather than later.



  1. Nanci Barnhard says:


    I like your new site. It’s informative, clean and easy to navigate. Also thank you for the clarification on the foreclosue article that we as lenders are still waiting for the guidelines and information on all the parameters of getting these refinances done.